Tips on how to win at Texas holdem poker

Winning a Texas holdem poker game can make you a substantial amount of money. While there are several different strategies out there, it all comes down to what cards you have, how you play at, and reading other players.

Winning Cards

First you must understand which cards are better than others to fully understand how to play the game. Starting from the best cards possible to the least useful, we will cover them all. First we have the royal flush, this is going to consist of an ace, king, queen, jack, and a ten that are all the same suit.

Then we have the straight flush, which consists of 5 cards in a row (example: 3,4,5,6,7) of the same suit. Next is going to be four-of-a-kind, which is exactly that, 4 of the same type of card. Full house comes next, this consists of 3 of the same card and another 2 cards that are the same, for example, 3 queens and 2 aces.

The next pattern is going to be a flush, which is all 5 cards being the same suit. Now we are starting to get into the lower bracket of cards, next which is a straight, 5 cards in a row. Then comes three-of-a-kind, two paid, and one pair, all of which consist of the same cards. If no one in the game has any combination of cards, then who ever has the highest card wins.

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How to Win at Texas Holdem Poker

Although there are no exact ways to win, there are strategies that will help. Playing aggressive, defensive, or casual can all be very beneficial and usually depends on how many chips you have available. Playing aggressive means that you always raise the bet to keep pressure on the other players.

This is a very useful tactic if you have the most chips in the game because most people will either fold early in the round or they won’t increase the bet, giving you control on how much you want to spend. If everyone folds, then you win blinds and any other money people put in the pot. On the flip side, if you are losing in the poker game then you will want to play defensively.

Playing defensively is sitting and waiting until you get a good hand to bet big. Just keep paying the blinds as you must, those don’t matter much in the long run, and when you finally get a good hand, make sure it counts. Try and only meet other people’s raises until the last call is available then bet big to draw the other plays to meet your bet.

Even if everyone folds at that point you will still win the overall pot, and if a couple people do meet your raise it’s an extra bonus. Playing casual is usually a strategy when the game first starts. Just get a feel for how other people are playing and try to figure them out. Don’t bet big, but don’t avoid bets either.

Bluffing is going to be another strategy you will want to try and master. Bluffing is betting on your hand that have low chances of winning. Making yourself seem certain for success is going to be the key into making this work. If you have been playing defensive all game then all the sudden you go all in with a smile on your face, people are going to think twice before meeting your raise.

This can backfire very fast though, because if someone calls you on your bluff and you lose… you lose. A good strategy would be to at least make sure you have a mid ranking combination prior to bluffing to give your self a fighting chance at winning if someone does end up calling your bluff.

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Calculating the Odds

This is going to be a part of Texas holdem that is very difficult to get a hold of. Probability is a massive part of the game since it can help determine what you should bet on or not. A great example would be, if your two cards are both aces and another ace dropped on the table.

You know that only 4 aces can be played at once so no one else would be able to beat you with a 3 of a kind or any lower ranking cards. Depending on how many people are playing and what other cards are on the table, you might have the winning hand. There are so many different factors that come into play when trying to determine if the odds are in your favor.

Overall, Texas holdem cannot be won 100% of the time, but having good strategies and studying the odds, will highly increase your chances of winning. No matter what anyone says, poker is gambling, and that can lead to great amounts of money if played properly.

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