Everything about poker rake

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In online poker, rake refers to the percentage that the online poker room it takes to host the game. Most take 5% -10% of the pot together, until the 3 dollars. If we think of real casinos, they tax place of a player in half an hour in exchange of this. Another way for casinos is to pay the dealer after every pot won.

Is needed this percentage to online poker rooms in order to maintain the website to pay the garnet tournaments with prizes to offer real money play safe and do not raise problems software. Basically this is how we pay services offered by online poker rooms. How to obtain varies from site to site and type of poker played.

The percentage can reach up to a maximum limit set by online poker room. If the percentage is 10% one pot collect $ 300 camera will take a maximum of $ 3. If the limit you play bigger pots to collect $ 300 the house will take the same – $ 3. Some software get raked hand played to completion, others indicate the amount charged for dealer location right rake.

Poker rake is of several types:

Dealt rake: where it will be divided equally between all players who participated in the end of the hand.

Simple contributed: the rake charged will be divided equally between players at the end of hand.

Weighted Contributed: the rake charged will be divided in proportion to the money he invested every participant in the game.

Currently rake: which will be taken entirely by the player who won the hand.
Usually the first two types are used by large sites. There are sites that do not take this tax and tournament fee is no needed. They charge monthly membership level, a certain amount of money. For the amount paid member can participate in evenimtele from online poker room.
Every month or week will receive a percentage of the rake back, usually around 30%.