Meaning of muck in poker

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Poker is a source of entertainment throughout the world. Poker is also played online and this sport has a lot of worth as well. Several different terms are used in this sport while playing that also includes the word “muck”. While playing poker players have a few options that are to raise or bet money, check the cards that have been thrown on the table or fold the cards. The option that says to fold the cards is called muck.

This term has two types of similar meanings. Firstly mucking is the act in which a player cards some of his cards to a pile where all the discarded cards are collected and kept. Secondly all the cards that have been discarded in one round are called muck and they are placed in front of the dealer. According to the rules in some poker games all the discarded cards are not used again until a hand is completed. These cards are kept in the custody of the dealer upside down on the table.

The muck pile of these discarded cards is kept in front of the players on the table where they are visible to them. The mucked cards seem to be useless but according to the rules they play an important role in poker. The dealer has to keep these cards on the table and away from the other cards. If any card thrown on the table by a player touches the muck pile it is declared as invalid and it will be place in that pile even if the player had not intended to discard it. Poker is a vast game played with several different terms in order to make it more complicated and interesting for people. This sport is played by millions of people daily online as well as in casinos around the world.